George Li

Had a great time! Came here during their soft opening and sat at the counter (vs high top seating which is at the bar). From the counter seating we were able to see the staff plate the dishes and talk to executive chef Luke Rogers about the food. They have display “models” for some of the ingredients and after Chef Rogers showed us the Florentine Steak we decided to order it (it was dry aged to boot!).

Lauren Medoff

It’s so great to have this chef-driven, independently owned spot up in the ‘burbs. Can’t say enough about Chef Luke Rogers and the hospitality of his entire team. They went above and beyond to give us a night to remember. Bravo to all of you. We are stuffed, but will be back for the pizza and steak we didn’t have room for!

Jonalyn Anderson

Hands down the best restaurant in the area. Staff are so friendly. We sat at the chef’s table and it was really entertaining to watch food made in front of you. Chef Luke and Dj are very interactive. Everything is made from scratch. Shrimp Crudo was so good, and their cheesecake and rice pudding is to die for!

Adriana Perez

The service is unmatched at the chefs counter, Chef Luke Rogers and staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing – Absolutely the best

Live-Fire Culinary

Love this new Italian gem in west Plano! The restaurant is gorgeous with a warm, comfortable vibe, wonderfully-attentive and friendly staff, handmade everything, an impressive bar menu, and the food is incredible. Stopped in for lunch yesterday and I’m already planning to go back for dinner this week with my wife.

Ivan Munoz

The best steak I ever had before. The chef counter was amazing best cocktails and the Pizza was very good. I really like the way they do the pasta from scratch.


An incredible fine-dining experience. Chef Luke has crafted a truly exceptional menu, and his staff execute it flawlessly. The wait staff and bartenders are top-notch, with an attention to detail and excellence.

Erdal Siphai

I was there at the opening night with another couple friend.  Been following Chef Luke since Clyde Warren Park days at another restaurant.  We love his food and we tried almost every venue he has orchestrated over the past few years.  I believe he has pushed his culinary skills to another level with Cathedral Bistro.  That which is hard to come by around this part of the world.  He has outdone himself.

We shared every dish we ordered; bread rolls with tallow amazing, buratta, osso buco is the best I’ve ever had, veal chop is excellent, Cacio di Pepe with house made bucatini, spicy brocolli perfect and blackberry cheese cake was outstanding.  the staff were so much fun to watch sitting at the Chef’s counter. I could see and feel the positive vibes they exercised in front of us admiring first day patron.

We will come as often as we can.  At least every other week to taste everything they are preparing.

A huge success on a first day. I have posted pics on FB and tried to tag the venue.

CONGRATULATIONS Chef Luke and staff.  You all have met and exceeded expectations.  The wait was so worth it.  You’ve executed a perfect gastronomic symphony.  Love at first taste and sight.